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Jul 12, 2012 4:30am PDT
twin pillars of the criminal law which are retribution and deterrence. the court makes the judgment that low i.q. means that you're less responsible and less likely able to be deterred. so the twin pillars of the criminal law don't really apply. but i'm not sure that the psychologists who do psychological testing and i.q. or the neuroscientists have really connected up the constitutional reasons why because it may be that they're substructures of i.q. that are more relevant to the eighth amendment question. it's not a general i.q. score that is ultimately relevant. in fact, the california supreme court has dealt with exactly that question of what subscales might be constitutional relevant rather than the global i.q. score. >> one question here which i think is very interesting. in my community, we strongly feel that diet plays a strong diagnosis of the violence we see, the intake of sugar which is heavily consumed is a factor. what is your take on that? >> diet certainly plays a role in controlling and behavior. you know, i'm not that familiar with all of the different science assoc
Jul 11, 2012 10:00pm PDT
district, west of twin peaks. i couldn't fit everything into a book so i decided to have a little companion website. so if there's new things that come up, if there's corrections, god forbid, it will show up on this website. old photos that i maybe couldn't fit in so visit that you if can. that's how do we start with carville? well, we start with the building material, essentially. how does carville get started? it starts with when old forms of public transportation become obsolete. now, the earliest forms of public transportation were omnibuses, which were really large coaches pulled by horses. but in the 1860's people came up with the new idea, the horse car. a horse car was essentially a little car that horses could pull but it used rails, on the ground. rails reduced traction. so horses could pull larger loads. horse cars really started taking over all across the united states in the 1860's, but they had some draw backs as you might imagine. can anybody think of something that could be a bit of a problem with horses pulling cars? yes. well, for one thing, hor
Jul 12, 2012 4:30pm PDT
those logos so long ago. history repeats itself. that is why 26 -- excuse me, that is why the twin peaks this play is so important. -- display is so important. we have to help educate others and present -- and prevent it from happening again. what happened during the holocaust must never be repeated. [applause] >> to illustrate that that same kind of it hatred -- same kind of hatred exists, we would like to welcome mr. christopher to talk about his efforts in uganda, where they try to have legislation to execute days. [applause] -- execute gays. >> what has been happening in you gonjeh. -- in uganda, in the old days of the yemen persecution of the homosexuals. homosexuality in uganda can be punished by death, hanging. and imprisonment for life. and for those who have called for homosexuality, they will be in prison for a number of years. and a woman cannot be a homosexual or else she will be punished. it will be very difficult -- the execution of the people in uganda. we thought that this bill had been forgotten or thrown out. but the support that we heard from all over the world since 2
Jul 12, 2012 5:00am EDT
orioles to during the next 11 games. they play the tigers, the twins, and then cleveland and tampa and oakland. upgrading the starting rotation is a priority. the orioles get nick markakis back when they play the tigers tomorrow. we'll see what happens when the season resumes. the orioles will start in second place. toronto and boston are nine and a half back. no team in the american league east has a sub .500 record. can the orioles hang in the pennant race? right now they are the second wild-card team. the olympics begin in london at the end of the month. that is where ray lewis is spending some time, spreading his own football gospel. >> if i could spend some time with them and speak with them and share with me that they did not have the money. i'm not looking for money. so to have me come here for the decision are me telling my team i want to go to london, i want to talk to them and sit down and talk to those young man. >> i'm going to be with ray rice tomorrow his second anti- bullying rally and that is free to the kids. >> when ray lewis asks what time is it, do the kids look
Jul 12, 2012 7:00am EDT
was that final cycle that got the clinton family results, twins. >> plenty of results. >> amazing results. >> yes, we're finished with results. >> despite the demand from couples looking to be parents, these loan companies have generated a bit of criticism. some worry about conflicts of interest. >> you really have to be a little bit careful because you've got vulnerable, desperate people who want to hear there's some answer to their prayer. i worry they're not going to listen to that interest rate, they're not going to really hear what the failure and success rate is. >> there are dozens of fertility financing companies popping up around the company and interest rates vary. here they vary from 9% to 13%. >> we have interest rates to stay in business. >> another concern is that doctors may push the loans on patients in order to secure more business. dr. robert stillman has less than a 2% equity ownership in the company behind says it's a win-win situation. >> with the more patients we are able to see, if we can be successful, then we would makei. so that's a win. but it also comes
Jul 11, 2012 8:00pm EDT
law was passed in large part to address the twin issues of cost and coverage. that is exactly what has begun to happen over the last two years. the law's first principle is very simple. if you have come. coverage, you can keep it. for the 260 million americans with insurance today, the main change is that they will get more security. the law puts in place new insurance rolls, and many of those are already in place, prohibiting insurers from capping the coverage or canceling it without cause if someone gets sick. preventive care is now free for 54 million americans with private plans. there are new limits on how much of your premium insurance companies can spend on overhead costs like ceo bonuses. as a result, starting this summer, about 13 million americans will get rebates from their insurance companies. you heard me correctly. insurance companies are actually sending money back to their customers thanks to the new role. -- rule. affordable care act does not cut medicare benefits. in fact, the program -- the program is more robust than ever. new benefits have been added for senior
Jul 12, 2012 5:00pm EDT
. >>> some exciting news out of the giant panda research center in china. >> the first twin panda cub were born yesterday morning. they arrived 26 minutes apart at 4:00 in the morning while the first cub was still clinging to mom, research es took away the second cub, the male panda. that's all we know is the first cub, it is in good condition. >> good to hear. and check out this video of two window washers that were dangling about 50 feet above new york city yesterday. hanging on by just one cable cord. the workers were 42 stories up when they got trapped on the broken scaffolding. the person that shot the video says that everyone in her office held her breath as they watched the firefighters breakthrough the glass to pull the workers to safety. they were a little shaken up, but they were otherwise okay. >>> and still ahead, a look at what today's report into penn state's reactions to the jerry sandusky sandal. what it could mean for the schools and the sports team. >>> but first a local dentist reacts to the new research about what it could do to help you fight cavities. >>> a cool
Jul 11, 2012 10:00pm EDT
." stephanie ritthe...who is pregnant with twins....urvived without electricityy..for seven loog days. ((itchiee "well we spent a couple of nightt in thh basement camping generator."and with no air d a conditioning or computers... ritchie is hoping her b.g.e. bill will be lower. utility officials....say many rrtepayers will seeeanother slight reduction. it's the "distribution" bill.thanks to an orderr..from - maryland's publicservice commission...the longer a customer...went... without power.... thh greater...the credit...on their bill.(gould) "to find the balance between allowing the utility" "to ppomote energy efficieecy.""at the same time, where it's using the revenue that it would be bringing in to reinvest in the system." (rydell) "the monthly distrrbutioo charge idely varies depending on how much eneegy you use. in this case, &pthe customers paid about 45-ddlllrs a month.""which means that if they were without power ffr seven days, they would probably pay about ten dollars lesss"but your utility bill is still... plans to seek rate hike -3 sometime this year. (gould) "whether or
Jul 12, 2012 4:00pm EDT
in china. these baby twin pandas are so small, they can fit in the palm of your hand. one is still clasping its giant panda mother and has not been identified. the other is a confirmed male. conservationists have not yet named the pair. >> amazing something that large gives birth to something that teeny. >>> coming up, it's somewhat cloudy outside. so is there rain on the way? >> meteorologist tim williams has the update the weather forecast next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> welcome back. taking a look at die-hards on the driving range. they're hopefully staying hydrated. they're under a shaded tarp. so they're not such die-hards after all. but if you're going to be outside, doing anything. hopefully you're taking it easy as much as you can. it's definitely going to be a warm afternoon. and these temperatures stay with us right on through the foreseeable future. 88 is our normal high. 57 is the dew point. so the air is a little dryer than it has been at other times when we've had temperatures in the 80s and 90-degree range. we'll expect the humidity levels to go up here over the next few
Jul 12, 2012 9:00am EDT
love that book! can you believe the twin did it? ♪ [ female announcer ] swiffer. great clean in less time. or your money back. ♪ >>> this morning on "today's style," five ways to wear a little white tee. most of us spend more time than we liked standing in front of the closet wondering what the wear. if you have a white tee, you have the makings for an outfit. you say the white t is like a little white dress, right? >> exactly. it's a crew neck, from the gap and you can use it on all open cases. >> the first look is for work. cheryl is modelling for us. the basics, $15 as you said. >> she's really wearing it as a shell. it's not something someone would look at and say, "oh, look at your tee shirt." we have a long blazer from lulu's. because it's tubd in, she's showing off her waist and her silhouette. you just throw in some neutral accessories like the shoes and bag and a few bangels. if she wanted to wear it for night, take off the jacket and add a necklace. >> thank you so much. cheryl, white tee for a barbecue look. for this we have our model lauren. this is paired up with the b
Jul 12, 2012 2:30am EDT
early 1990s, when many women were swept up in the twin epidemics of hiv and crack. >> crack cocaine came along. of course, one of the first communities we saw all the devastation in was the african american communities. there was just a huge supply of the drug and just the mere addictive nature of the drug, a lot of people latched on very, very quickly. >> the most important thing about the crack cocaine epidemic was the degree to which it was marketed in black and in some latin communities as an aphrodisiac. this is a drug that will enhance sexual pleasure, this is a drug that will make you forget all the cares and woes of everyday life. and it will help you forget because the nature of the sexual experience you'll have will be just mind-blowing. >> narrator: a crack habit took everything. you'd sell whatever you had for the next hit. >> when there was nothing left, women were told, "well, baby, if you ain't got no money, you've always got you. and then there'd be a negotiation for a crack for sex exchange. in many instances, this kind of sexual bargaining, this kind of crack-relat
Jul 12, 2012 7:00am PDT
a giant panda and they gave birth to little twins. they were only 26 minutes apart pit there is not a gender yet. i can watch babies for ever. they are so cute. it's amazing how tiny they start from and how big a pan gets. >>mark: this massive of tree fell entrapped a woman inside her home pit this is a tree that weighed thousands of pounds crash down on her home. >> my employment with the doctor was at 1015. i walked out and saw that and thought that tree was going to come down. i said to myself when i came back at that tree came down. >>darya: city workers say the fell because the retain to much water. 8:57 a.m. is a time. we are like the the police headquarters to tell you what happened about a woman shot in the face in oakland. >>mark: we will return with the kron 4 and knees in just a few minutes. >>james: the rest of san francisco will show the rest of the fog to burn off today. it is mostly clear and warm as we head into the evening. it may only have cooled off into the 80s by the time you went to bed. we will have full details on this 7 day around the bay when we come back.
Jul 12, 2012 10:00am EDT
environmental reviews. another project that is just getting under way in the eighth district is the twin metals project which has also produced thousands of minnesota jobs for both construction and long-term operations. a 2009 study, the university of minnesota-duluth found that more than 12,000 minnesota construction jobs will be created in minnesota if all strategic metal mining projects currently under study moved forward. in 2009 the study also estimated that more than 5,000 direct long-term minnesota mining jobs would be created when all strategic metal mining projects currently under study become operational. minnesota needs these jobs and country needs the minerals that these mines produce. and everyone needs a definitive permitting timeline that is reliable. unfortunately this is not a unique project. seven years and $40 million is not even the worst example of inefficient permitting. many other mining projects have been stalled for even longer due to inefficient and at times ajend -- agenda-driven permitting process. another example is a mine in montana. it has been in the permi
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15 (some duplicates have been removed)